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Seducing the Dragon: Part One (A BBW Dragon-shifter Paranormal Romance) (Stonefire Dragons Book 5) - Jessie Donovan, Hot Tree Editing


***Received the ebook from the author from an honest review, but will most definitely be buying it come payday :)


The cover is yummy :)  I think I want Clan Stonefire’s leader ;)  Definitely a cover to grab the attention of any dragon-shifter lover!!


Ok let’s start with the things some people (myself included) need to know because we skipped reading the blurb ;)  This is a serial which means it is only one episode or part of a whole story.  This part is about 50 pages, and it is the first part of the story.  It leaves you wanting more, and you have to wait for it because this serial is not complete yet.  Stonefire Dragons #1-4 is the first story and a complete serial series.  If you are not sure whether you are a serial fan, I’d start with the first set first.


Okay, I think Jessie is my favorite serial author :)  That’s not to say that I don’t scream and yell that I want the Stonefire books to be full novels while reading them ;)  She does such an awesome job with her serials.  She stops them in just the right places that make sense (at least to my crazy brain!)  I have no trouble making the story and characters come alive in my head while reading her serials, and I have yet to have a problem connecting with the characters which has happened in other serials where I just couldn’t connect with the characters until the 2nd or 3rd installment.


If you don’t know my reviews, I don’t really talk about the plot and things happening in the story because I never want to spoil someone else’s adventure in the book.  I do talk about the characters though :)  Evie is awesome because she won’t take anyone’s you know what.  I love when the female lead is a strong woman.  I love when they fight back and stick up for themselves.  With Bram, I’m torn because I sort of already loved him because of the first serial series, but he does have his need to be slapped moments as any alpha man does ;)  There is plenty of drama and action to fill the pages while you learn about Evie and her predicament.  I really can’t wait for more of this series!!  I really loved it!!


I highly recommend this serial series to those who already love Jessie’s work especially the Stonefire Dragons, and all my dragon shifter lovers out there.  If you are one of the people who want to wait until the whole serial is out, start with the first serial series instead.