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The Alpha's Captive Complete Bundle: BBW Shifter Werewolf Romance Books 1-7 - V. M. Black


***Received a copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest review


The cover is awesome!! Levi is looking very sexy :)


I’m starting with the must knows first :)  This is a serial, and for those who don’t understand what that is:  it is like a tv show with several episodes and this one has 7 books.  You must read them in order to understand, and you probably will scream when or where it ends :)  Good news :)  All episodes are out and no waiting is required :)  Some authors do serials really well and V.M. Black is one of them.  I say this because even though it is a whole book by itself, I think it is an art to pick just the right place to end where it does feel like you made the reader walk into a wall to stop the story.  She ends at a good place where you have a little closure, but you definitely know there is more and want to read it :)  This of course is for adults only because it has some very steamy scenes.  This bundle has the first 3 books (parts, episodes, whatever you want to call them) in it :)


Taken - Book 1

Levi and Harper are two great characters :)  Harper is strong and won’t let anyone taken anything from her, and she is adventurous :)  I love her spunky attitude and that she keeps surprising Levi with the unexpected :)  Levi is sexy and sort of mysterious, and of course Harper doesn’t realize why she is so taken with him other than she has a thing for bad boys :)


This episode is smoldering with awesome adventure and action :)  I can’t wait for more :)


Pursuit - Book 2

Levi and Harper are both still unsure about trusting each other, but both feel this uncharacteristic pull towards each other and are just going with it.  I know this episode is supposed to be longer, but boy was it over quick.  I think it felt that way for me because I was so engrossed into the story.  Tons of action, gunfire, car chases, and more.


Flight - Book 3

Definitely lots of action and some steamy bits :)  So adults only!!  Levi and Harper are still on a mission, and they are not having much luck.  Of course they are messing things up with each other making me yell at the book.  I’m hoping they get it together :)


Haven - Book 4

Well, this one did not have as much action as the others did, V.M. spoiled me into expecting it…lol!  It is still very enjoyable, and you definitely learn more about Levi.  There of course is still all sorts of sexual tension.


Escape - Book 5

There is more action in this one than the last book, but most of this book was more Levi/Harper issues.  Wow is all I can say, but you have to read it to see what I mean :)  I’m hoping for a HEA ending :)  Also Beane makes an appearance in this book if you have been reading the Taken by the Panther serial, you know who I mean :)


Freed - Book 6

It is completely published at this time which is a good thing or I might have thrown my reader with the ending of this book (major cliffhanger which would break my kindle), but thankfully I’m reading it next… like in 5 minutes.


I really love Harper and Levi, and as much as I want to know what happens, I also don’t want it to end.  I love all the action and the steamy scenes :)  V.M. is awesome with the details, and I can see everything happening as I read :)  I love when a story engages my imagination in my mind…don’t you :)


Finale - Book 7

This book was jam packed full of excitement and steamy sex scenes.  I really love Harper’s ability to talk her way out of anything :)  Both of them would do anything for each other, and I find that really sexy :)  Their ability to have sex in some of the most dangerous of situations amazes me, and it’s very ballsy.


So this ended way too quickly for me, but I loved every moment.  I really hope that we will get to see more of both of them in future books by V.M. because I want to know what happens next and does Harper get what she wants.  V.M. is an amazing story teller and her vivid writing bring everything to life.


V.M. does a great job with the descriptions.  I can see everything happening in my head and get sucked right into the story.


I recommend this serial to all my wolf lovin’ friends especially if you are already a fan of V.M. Black.  Off to read the next one :)