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Don't Feed

Don't Feed - Jennifer Martinez My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!!

**Received the ebook as part of IO tours for an honest review

This cover is another beautiful cover :) Love it, and it is what attracted me to the series :)

This particular book is about Kenna’s journey back from the dark. I really liked this book, but I think I learned to love other characters more. While Kenna is the main character, I think I was more entranced with the lives of everyone around her rather than her herself.

I think there was a lot of growth for Kenna, and it is definitely setting up for some major changes in book 3. You learned a lot about the other vampires and the sirens.

I am not the grammar police. But I know some people really have a problem with seeing errors, you might want to wait on reading this if you are one of those people. I can love a story with errors and always share them with the author so the story can be made better, but that’s me :)
***per author this book has already been corrected :)

I think another who loves this author’s great sense of humor or paranormal vampire stories with humor will totally enjoy this series. I will definitely be looking for the next book in the series when it comes.