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Wonderstruck - Rebecca Gober, Jon Messenger, Maren Dille, Jennifer Bull, Radeyah H. Ali, Gabrielle Arrowsmith, Beau Barnett, Liana Chau, MeMe Collier, Leah D.W., Julie Gilbert, Dominique Goodall, Brenna Harden, Sandra Havriluk, Sacha Hope, Erin Liles, B.T. Lyons, Julie Marcinik, Mia Mari My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!

**Received this ebook in exchange for an honest review as part of the Clean Teen Street Team

First, I think it is amazing that all of these stories came about based on five pictures. They are all very creative and very different. It amazes how different each of them is yet some originated from the very same picture.

Drabbles are new to me being 100 words exactly, but I don’t connect to them as much as I do novellettes and novellas. They were still cute though.

There was one story I didn’t connect with because it didn’t do anything for me, but with as many stories that are in this who cares if there is one that isn’t your cup of tea. And I’m not going into any more detail, so onto the ones I think were pure awesomeness (there are 3).

First up! Wind Warrior by Jon Messenger because I read the full version novel and now I understand how the story relates to the picture which is cool. The story was wonderful written and sucked you straight into the fabulous world Jon created. The drama of college and family mixed with people with elemental powers. And you absolutely should read the full novel because it rocks, and you can learn so much more about Xander and his world.

Next was Heartkeeper by B.T. Lyons which I thought was a fascinating world and think it should be some type of series because I would like to read more. It is basically about humans being destructive and the world getting back at humanity until a Covenant is formed and everyone must go through a yearlong evaluation of many trials to see if they are worthy enough to live past 13 years old. It was a cool story about Adain and his friends coming of age :)

My last favorite was A World Unlike Mine by Jocelyn Sanchez because it was a unique world mixing immortals with a more realistic modern world. The story of Tasha will have you rooting for her and loving her as she discovers who she is. This is another one of those stories that I like to be a series. I really connected with the characters.

This really is a great collection of stories, and I only mentioned a few of them. I recommend it to anyone who likes a little magic in their life :)