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Bear Biker Love: A BBW Shifter Romance - Harper Ashe



The cover is a sweet scene of a couple on a bike and a bear.  It is okay.


This is a novella and it is around 90 or so pages.  It is a quick read.  Parts of it for me were rushed or missing details, and I think this story line could have easily been developed into a full novel.  You just don’t know enough about the Guardians and the Council, and you really didn’t get much of a background on Nina.  All this being said it was still a great read.  I hope to see this world return so it can be more fully developed in my mind :)  I love shifter worlds. 


Oh if you don’t know the acronym HFN, used in the blurb, it means Happy For Now.  I hate not knowing acronyms that are being used, so I always try to share this info.


Nina & Alex are great characters as well as Hannah.  There is a good mix of action and drama too.  With novellas, it seems to take me more than one in a series to get connected to the characters and world. This is just me though, and there is so much potential for this new shifter world. I’m not sure if this is a series, will it follow Nina & Alex or Hannah & the Council?


This is my first Harper Ashe book, but I know she has a story in a couple of the bundled sets I’ve bought….though I don’t think they are shifter stories.  I will definitely read more by Harper especially if this becomes a series because I want to know more :)


I think if you like quick shifter reads, you will enjoy reading this book.