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Demon Lovers Boxed Set

Demon Lovers Boxed Set - Kate Douglas My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!! (First 2 stories were a 3s, but the last 3 were 4s

**Gifted to me through Netgalley request for an honest review

Series is erotic menage, and you should know whether you will like it or not :) 5 Novellas about 50 pages each.

Unbalanced (Book #1)
I liked this story and started to really connect with Addie, Locan, & Jett, but then it ended.  It was less than 50 pages long.  I always struggle with connections in short stories, so I’m hoping that the rest of the stories are a continuation which will help my interest.  I think anyone who likes Kate Douglas will definitely was to read this too :) Her descriptions are very vivid.

Unbound (Book #2)
This story is also about 50 pages.  Again short stories are not my favorite because it is hard to connect with characters.  Addie has accepted her role as the fulcrum.  While they were out hunting demons, Jett was attacked and things get out of hand.  Locan and Addie will not give up on Jett and will do anything to save him because they both love him.  This story covers those 2 days of time and not much action outside of sex.  Again some very adult and descriptive scenes in this book.  Anyone who loves Kate Douglas will like this story, but anyone who does not like erotic ménage may want to skip this series.

Unmasked (Book #3)
Okay I liked this story more than the first 2 stories and felt much more connected to the characters, but would still rather have a novel but that’s me.  This story is also about 50 pages and about the same 3 characters.  They are getting closer in their relationship.  They had another unusual demon situation to solve in this story.  It tied in well into everything that has happened so far.  Again, this is a very adult series with erotic ménage and may not suit everyone, but if you like those types of erotic stories and are a Kate Douglas fan, you definitely want to read this.  I recommend the boxed set for the best value.

Unleashed (Book #4)
Okay another adventure with Addie, Locan, and Jett, and I really liked it now that I feel connected with the characters.  Locan is forced to deal with some things he didn’t know about himself and struggles with it, but Addie & Locan are supportive & loving.  I didn’t much like the Goddesses, but they were kind of self absorbed and only cared about themselves and what they wanted.  Az was cool but has a lot of mystery that I hope we learn more about him in the last book.  This book adds some bondage.  Kate Douglas’ writing is very descriptive and gets your imagination going.  If you are one of her fans, I think you’d love the story.  You know if this is your type of story, and if it is you will enjoy it :)

Undaunted (Book #5)
The way Kate Douglas describes things is amazing because your imagination will have no problem processing her work.  I really love Addie’s personality, and she is such a strong character and fights for those she loves.  In this adventure, we learn more about Az, and I easily loved his character because of Addie and her men.  Ukopach is in this story too, and he is funny for a PG demon.  Of course, they are more demons to battle and the threat of hell.  I really liked this book, and I was happy with where it ended. If you enjoyed the other books in this set, you must read this one which I think is my favorite of the five.  If you haven’t read this set of stories and especially if you are a Kate Douglas fan, you should read this because you will enjoy it.